At Riverwalk Post-Acute we believe in complete excellence and a desire to help people in relieving their misery. We are aware of the fact that living a life in pain is not easy and this is where we step ahead to serve people in their life’s difficult stage. The Riverwalk Post-Acute offers unique and special rehabilitation services to heal your life’s pain. Being a premier skilled nursing facility in Riverside, CA, the Riverwalk Post-Acute tends to provide you with professionally trained, skilled and personal care services for 24 hours a day. Our aim is to just help our clients by successfully recovering them from injuries, body pains or other problems through our perfect rehabilitation program. We just want people who are experiencing our rehab services to go back home fit, sound and healthy.

The Riverwalk Post-Acute is located in such an ideal location, that makes it easy to be accessed by numerous people in the town due to the wide availability of public transportation and freeways. The building structure is designed in a way that every room provides a bright sunlight exposure in the morning. The interior furniture along with beautiful, iconic and relaxing decor aides mentally healing factor into the patients. 



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We are aware of the fact that every individual has different and specific rehabilitation needs. That's why we respect and treat our every client's rehab type and requirements. We would make sure he/she does not feel any sort of insecurity through our service and go back home after successfully healing.

Our entire rehabilitation team is comprised of a group of talented, highly trained and skilled professionals. The team would make sure to perfectly implement different individualized therapy programs so that a client's particular rehab requirements are not only fulfilled but he/she love having our service. We strongly believe in maximizing the potential because no one like to live a life being stuck in misery and pain, so we do care for you to make you independent and free of pain.

When being in rehab the most important thing is to have a perfect control on a diet because diet plays a crucial role in healing and for good health. Although diet also includes many types of food that the nutritionist prohibit to eat since they being not good for health, but still many people including the patients intake it that results in more concerns on health.


At Riverwalk Post-Acute our dietary and nutrition program is designed in such a way that it perfectly meets the instructions of dietary physicians for the patients in our care. Our specialised nutritionist would work on every patient for successfully implementing a healthy nutritional diet.

Here is how our nutritional program works:

  • We tend to provide a meal that is supposed to be healthy and according to the instructions of health physicians for our patients. We strongly believe that a healthy diet can result in successful rehab, so we won't compromise on it.
  • Regularly intaking medicines on time that is been prescribed by health physicians play a crucial role in a quick recovery and a successful rehab. This is what we believe and make sure to implement it with complete perfection. We make sure that every patient gets oral supplements on time as been instructed by a health physician.
  • A regular assessment of the nutrients intake is very necessary for a successful outcome. We have registered health physicians and dietitians that would regularly assess the patient's health so that they get to know whether a particular instructed diet is contributing to recovery on not. If not then immediately change it.

Healthy atmosphere plays a very crucial role in not only stabilizing mental health but also physical health. For successful treatment, it is very important to provide a good environment for your patient so that he/she does not feel any sort of discomfort. This is where a patient's recovery and rehabilitation gets a positive and uplifting route.


The Riverwalk Post-Acute employs an extremely friendly staff that is meant to treat patients just like friends or closed ones. Besides, we strongly believe that social activities, events or special occasions can bring a good refreshment to the patients, so we ensure to implement it perfectly for patient's entertainment desires. For this, we provide a monthly calendar to our every patient so that they remain informed of all upcoming events, occasions and activities. Since all of this is done for patient's fast recovery and quick rehab so we allow family and friends to also join their patients in these special events, so they could spend quality time all together.

The social services are meant to connect people in a very positive way at our institute. For a healthy and friendly environment, it is very important that everyone is connected in a family-like atmosphere and this is what we desire to do. Within the social services the important information about how to manage, maintain, planning and appointment work out for a quality system of our institute.


An effective communication level between staff, patients and family or friends is what makes us special. We strongly believe that being social can efficiently relieve your mental stress and effectively put you on the right track for recovery. The main thing is not putting any burden on the patient's body be it mental or physical because while being in recovery process you have to provide an environment to the patient in which he/she only feels comfortable, and the comfort is destined to come from various social services.

Our nursing services are extremely unique, effective and very bold. We believe that with a good nursing care a patient's recovery time could easily be reduced. This is why we are equipped with highly trained and skilled health professionals, that are destined to provide you with the best healthcare facilities for quality treatment. Our every health staff member is aware of the fact that patient demands a friendly environment, so their gentle personalities let them treat patients politely, respectfully, friendly and humbly.


We believe in professionalism that is why we hire only that nursing staff who possess extreme experience in the health sector. Hence, it's the reason our services are well known and topmost in the town. Here are some of the well-known institutes from where our healthcare nurses have experienced working in like Alzheimer's Care, Diabetes Management Centre etc.



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