At Riverwalk Post-Acute we believe in complete excellence and a desire to help people in relieving their misery. We are aware of the fact that living a life in pain is not easy and this is where we step ahead to serve people in their life’s difficult stage. The Riverwalk Post-Acute offers unique and special rehabilitation services to heal your life’s pain. Being a premier skilled nursing facility in Riverside, CA, the Riverwalk Post-Acute tends to provide you with professionally trained, skilled and personal care services for 24 hours a day. Our aim is to just help our clients by successfully recovering them from injuries, body pains or other problems through our perfect rehabilitation program. We just want people who are experiencing our rehab services to go back home fit, sound and healthy.

The Riverwalk Post-Acute is located in such an ideal location, that makes it easy to be accessed by numerous people in the town due to the wide availability of public transportation and freeways. The building structure is designed in a way that every room provides a bright sunlight exposure in the morning. The interior furniture along with beautiful, iconic and relaxing decor aides mentally healing factor into the patients. 



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Supporting every aspect of your journey to recovery

We are aware of the fact that every individual has different and specific rehabilitation needs. That's why we respect and treat our every client's rehab type and requirements. We would make sure he/she does not feel any sort of insecurity through our service and go back home after successfully healing.

Our entire rehabilitation team is comprised of a group of talented, highly trained and skilled professionals. The team would make sure to perfectly implement different individualized therapy programs so that a client's particular rehab requirements are not only fulfilled but he/she love having our service. We strongly believe in maximizing the potential because no one like to live a life being stuck in misery and pain, so we do care for you to make you independent and free of pain.

When being in rehab the most important thing is to have a perfect control on a diet because diet plays a crucial role in healing and for good health. Although diet also includes many types of food that the nutritionist prohibit to eat since they being not good for health, but still many people including the patients intake it that results in more concerns on health.


At Riverwalk Post-Acute our dietary and nutrition program is designed in such a way that it perfectly meets the instructions of dietary physicians for the patients in our care. Our specialised nutritionist would work on every patient for successfully implementing a healthy nutritional diet.

Here is how our nutritional program works:

  • We tend to provide a meal that is supposed to be healthy and according to the instructions of health physicians for our patients. We strongly believe that a healthy diet can result in successful rehab, so we won't compromise on it.
  • Regularly intaking medicines on time that is been prescribed by health physicians play a crucial role in a quick recovery and a successful rehab. This is what we believe and make sure to implement it with complete perfection. We make sure that every patient gets oral supplements on time as been instructed by a health physician.
  • A regular assessment of the nutrients intake is very necessary for a successful outcome. We have registered health physicians and dietitians that would regularly assess the patient's health so that they get to know whether a particular instructed diet is contributing to recovery on not. If not then immediately change it.

Healthy atmosphere plays a very crucial role in not only stabilizing mental health but also physical health. For successful treatment, it is very important to provide a good environment for your patient so that he/she does not feel any sort of discomfort. This is where a patient's recovery and rehabilitation gets a positive and uplifting route.


The Riverwalk Post-Acute employs an extremely friendly staff that is meant to treat patients just like friends or closed ones. Besides, we strongly believe that social activities, events or special occasions can bring a good refreshment to the patients, so we ensure to implement it perfectly for patient's entertainment desires. For this, we provide a monthly calendar to our every patient so that they remain informed of all upcoming events, occasions and activities. Since all of this is done for patient's fast recovery and quick rehab so we allow family and friends to also join their patients in these special events, so they could spend quality time all together.

The social services are meant to connect people in a very positive way at our institute. For a healthy and friendly environment, it is very important that everyone is connected in a family-like atmosphere and this is what we desire to do. Within the social services the important information about how to manage, maintain, planning and appointment work out for a quality system of our institute.


An effective communication level between staff, patients and family or friends is what makes us special. We strongly believe that being social can efficiently relieve your mental stress and effectively put you on the right track for recovery. The main thing is not putting any burden on the patient's body be it mental or physical because while being in recovery process you have to provide an environment to the patient in which he/she only feels comfortable, and the comfort is destined to come from various social services.

Our nursing services are extremely unique, effective and very bold. We believe that with a good nursing care a patient's recovery time could easily be reduced. This is why we are equipped with highly trained and skilled health professionals, that are destined to provide you with the best healthcare facilities for quality treatment. Our every health staff member is aware of the fact that patient demands a friendly environment, so their gentle personalities let them treat patients politely, respectfully, friendly and humbly.


We believe in professionalism that is why we hire only that nursing staff who possess extreme experience in the health sector. Hence, it's the reason our services are well known and topmost in the town. Here are some of the well-known institutes from where our healthcare nurses have experienced working in like Alzheimer's Care, Diabetes Management Centre etc.



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​Cable television is free to all of our patients during their stay


We recognize that nutrition is an important part of your stay here


We provide transportation to dialysis or doctors appointments


Pictures really can’t convey the caring and vibrant spirit of our facility. Please Schedule a Personal Tour to see first hand how our services can help you meet your needs for short or long term care in a skilled nursing facility.


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What To Expect Upon Admission

At Riverwalk Post Acute, making sure incoming patients understand what to expect upon admission is very important to us.

Before or Upon Admission
An admissions team member will review several items with you, including phone service (cellphones allowed, land lines available), laundry service (we can clean your clothes if you label them with your first and last names), insurance coverage explanation, items to bring, etc. Several copies of documents may be requested as well: Power of Attorney, photo ID, Living Will, insurance and prescription cards and long-term care policy if applicable.
Day of Admission
The medical transportation, which is arranged by a social worker at the hospital, brings you to the facility, where you are greeted by staff and taken to your room. A nursing assessment will be completed, and you may be evaluated by the therapist as well (depending upon the time of your admission). At this point the nurse has reviewed the physician orders and clarified any questions. You will also complete a food preference sheet and be oriented to your surroundings.
During your Admission
Our social services coordinator, along with you and your family, develop an individualized care plan. It’s important to keep in mind this plan is based on your assessment from the nurse and physical therapist, not necessarily the hospital. Based on your progress/development, you may or may not be in therapy as long as originally anticipated. The more input you provide at your care planning meeting, the better your experience and outcome will be. Discharge planning begins at the time of admission.
Beyond the First Few Days
Since Victorian Post Acute is individualized, you may receive a combination of physical and occupational therapy designed to expedite your recovery. Our staff physician may or may not see you every day, depending on your individual physical needs.
In General
Through out your rehabilitation, questions and comments are encouraged to make your stay the best it can be. Don’t hesitate to speak with staff so your concerns can be addressed

What To Expect During Your Stay

If you and your doctor have already decided that you can benefit from inpatient or transitional rehabilitation at Victorian Post Acute, here’s what you can expect:

A Team Dedicated to Your Recovery
Being in a rehabilitation unit is very different from being a patient in other hospital units. In addition to doctors and nurses, you’ll have a dedicated team of skilled clinicians, also known as your treatment team. This team will work with you and your family to develop goals, customize a treatment program for you and assess your readiness to move to the next step in the rehabilitation process.
Getting You Back Home
Our core focus of inpatient and transitional rehab is to help you regain your independence and to prepare for going home. Every day, your team will work with you to help you understand your diagnosis and find solutions so that you can manage your health care when you return home.
Visitors and Visiting Hours
Your family members and friends also are an important part of your rehabilitation and are encouraged to visit you at almost any time.Typical visiting hours are between 8:00am and 8:00pm. Please ask facility staff for additional details regarding visiting hours or space reservations in our conference room, dining rooms and other facility spaces. They can observe and participate in therapy and learn how to assist you after discharge
Returning Home
The goal of inpatient and transitional rehabilitation is to help you become as independent as possible so that you can return home. Your team will work with you and your family to determine what goals must be accomplished for you to return home safely.
A Typical Day
Your days in rehab are spent out of bed, outside your room, and involved in therapy and other activities for much of the day. The times below may vary, but here’s how you’ll spend a typical day in rehab: Breakfast: Your days will usually start around 7 a.m. Our goal is for you to be up, washed, dressed, and have already eaten breakfast before therapy starts. Breakfast can be served in either your room or the dining room.

Things To Bring

Be sure to review this checklist to ensure that you have all of the necessary items for your stay. Please also note that your family will be responsible for your personal laundry.

Clothing Suggestions
Soft-soled shoes or athletic shoes with nonskid soles. Backless shoes are not allowed.
Several sets of comfortable athletic clothing, including:
T-shirts Sweatpants or stretch pants Shorts, if you have had leg surgery Typical clothing that you would wear at home — such as shirts with buttons — so you can practice getting dressed. Underwear Socks Pajamas, a robe, and slippers with tread or traction
Your personal hygiene products Hairbrush or comb Shampoo and other hair care products Makeup Denture adhesive and cleaner, if applicable
Note: Many units have items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste available for your use
Other Items to Bring
Dentures, hearing aids, and/or glasses Splints, braces, or orthotics, and customized equipment — such as a wheelchair — that you are using at home Any assistive devices you own, such as a cane or walker The name and phone number of your primary care physician A list of any medicines you currently take Any prescription plan identification cards A living will or advance directives, if applicable
Note: We can provide you with these resources if needed
What NOT to bring
Perfumes, colognes, or scented lotions, due to allergies of other patients and staff Valuables Large amounts of cash Medications

A Caregivers Role

At Riverwalk Post Acute, we understand that taking care of an aging loved one can be tough, both physically and emotionally. It can be lonely, overwhelming and frustrating, and it often seems thankless. Despite all of this, family caregivers persevere and wake up every day to face new challenges.

Why? Because they care.

Care giving is the ultimate act of love. It is a selfless, generous thing to do, and one that many people wouldn’t think about taking on. Our staff will help guide you to be the best caregiver you possibly can for your loved one.
So, give yourself some credit. Realize how important your role as a caregiver is. In times of grief and frustration, it is difficult to imagine how in the world care giving can be considered a positive experience. However, if you delve a little deeper, you will find the silver linings of your clouds.
One of the biggest fears that people have about illness is going through these events alone. Because of you, your loved one will never have to face that. Whether they are of sound mind or struggling with the effects of dementia, they will understand on some level that you are with them when they need you most. Your time, effort and attention provide comfort and have a profoundly beneficial impact on your loved one.


This is a priceless gift.

About Your Nutrition

The importance of your nutrition in your recovery counts!
One of the most important aspects of post-surgical recovery that is often overlooked is good nutrition. At Victorian Post Acute, we provide a Clinical Dietitian who works with you, your family and medical professionals to create individualized meal plans that assure you are receiving the healthy foods your body needs. An effective nutrition program after your surgery is a vital ingredient for strengthening your body and your immune system to assure the most timely and successful recovery possible.
Nutrition is an important part of healing and living well. We offer a variety of therapeutic diets such as no added salt, cardiac diets, controlled carbohydrate diet, controlled sugar diets, and renal diets.
We can fortify to add calories, alter textures for those that have trouble swallowing, and we have diets to help with weight control or loss. We have a qualified dietitian that meets with each resident to establish needs, preferences and the appropriate diet. Our diets contain all nutrients needed for wound care and optimal healing.

Nutritious Food with a Great Taste

At Victorian Post Acute, we are very proud of our dining experience. Delicious, nourishing and appealing meals are served either in a resident’s room or in several dining rooms designed to accommodate residents with individual needs during their stay. Because we know that enjoying delicious food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, our dedicated Dietitian meets individually with each resident to customize a nutritional plan, focusing on personal tastes and medical needs.

Short-Term and Post-Hospital Rehabilitation at Riverwalk Post Acute

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
Riverwalk Post Acute partners with RehabCare therapists to address every aspect of your rehabilitation. From walking strong to speaking clearly, our teams can help you rebuild your strength, your skills, and your confidence.
Physical Therapy
Our physical therapy team works toward specific goals of achieving the resident’s highest functional level of independence. Physical therapy focuses on identification and rehabilitation of individuals with physical impairment and pain, as well as future injury prevention. Following evaluation, our experienced physical therapists develop an individualized treatment program. The goal is to achieve safety in a variety of areas.
Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy assists our residents in adapting to their social and physical environment by mastering tasks essential for daily living. Our occupational therapists may work with residents who have debilitating arthritic conditions or those with difficulty bathing, dressing and other activities of daily living. They assist residents with impaired vision and/or hearing to function well in their environment.
Speech Therapy
Our speech therapists provide a range of interventions to assess and help restore abilities in the areas of communication, swallowing and cognition. Treatment programs are designed to help residents affected by stroke, brain injury, dementia, and other neurological disorders. Our professionals also work with residents suffering from hearing impairment, respiratory illnesses, and complex medical conditions.
Respiratory Therapy
Our respiratory therapists evaluate and treat individuals who have trouble breathing or those with respiratory associated illnesses such as asthma, pneumonia, emphysema, bronchitis and sleep apnea.

Available Positions

As jobs become available, we will post them on this page. You may click on any of the available positions below to apply for that job. 
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